MSA Annual Banquet

The entire Booster Club Team is thankful to all the students, faculty, and parents who made this event successful! Special shout out to Ms. Amber Pearson who was not only our constant support throughout the planning of this banquet but also stayed till the very end and made sure that all students had a ride going home. Also special thanks to the efforts put by volunteer parents and student council.

We look forward to making this event even more successful with more parent involvement and participation. The simple parent to parent interactions during events like this inspire the club to try new ideas for future endeavors.

We also would like to extend our gratitude to Dr. Mrs. Laura Torres Ramirez for her diligent effort in providing all the decorations, and her continual effort in making this event tied to some theme year after year, Mrs. Jan Oxley and Mrs. Nappinai Natrajan and Dr.Subha Iyer in providing plant decorations and setting up the silent auction.

The board members would also like to thank the outgoing President Mrs. Mary Bourne Marth and Vice President Mr. Nanda Vura whose awesome people skills made the entire booster club team feel proud of their contribution.

NMR Fundraiser: Thank You

MSA Parents, We thank you for both your financial and moral support of our NMR acquisition project. We are pleased to inform you that the fundraiser secured about $11,000 of our $12,500 target. In the coming weeks, we expect to meet the original financial goal with additional contributions. If you still are interested in contributing please contact DHS Booster Club-Grants Committee or Dr. Poche.

We will soon make payment on the instrument and have it delivered before the end of this school year. Dr. Poche plans to have the manufacturer visit during the early summer to check out the instrument and provide some training and maintenance if needed. He will also spend the summer writing procedures and labs for it with the intention to have the instrument ready for use in the Fall semester of the 2015-2016 school year.

Dr. Poche and the Science Department take your vigorous support of the NMR project as a vote of confidence in DHS and the advanced science curriculum within the Academy.

- From your Booster Club

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Math & Science Academy Booster club was formed to help our students reach their potential. The club has helped in finding internships, fundraising, sending students to competitions, buying equipment for school etc. How can you help? - Become a member

Member Benefits

  1. Be on the distribution list to learn about Internship opportunities
  2. Be informed about decisions that can affect your childs future -
    1. Booster club was actively involved with reversing the Districts decision of eliminating the Academies.
    2. Now have your voice heard. We are in regular contact with the administration to inform and influence their decisions on matters concerning our students.
  3. Volunteer your talents - help find intership opportunities
  4. Volunteer your hours - help in pizza sales and other fundraising activities. Look for matching funds at your workplace.